Parent/Carer Partnership

At Mary Kelly’s Rascals we believe that we can best meet the needs of individual children by working closely with parents/carers. Parents/Carers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share about their child’s development and requirements.

We aim and encourage to develop partnerships between parents/carers and practitioner’s which are based on mutual trust and respect to promote the sharing of information and knowledge to support and ensure the children’s health and well being.

Every child is assigned a key-person, with whom they will work closely with the child, to plan for their individual care and learning requirements. Information on the key-person system is given verbally when parents/carers view the nursery.


We ensure we have regular chats with Parents/Carers informing them of their child's day and the progress they are making.


The setting has recently signed up to class dojo. The class dojo app is a beautiful, safe and simple app. The setting, practitioners and parents/carers can  communicate and securely share photos, videos, updates and brings the parents/carers into the classroom. 


The setting has an Instagram page (Private) which only Parent/carers can follow, on this page we post stories, activities and the learning that has taken place throughout the week.


We share resources and ideas on class dojo and our Instagram page to support and extend learning at home.


Please see on the INFO page for resources to support learning at home.


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