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  • Family run nursery.
  • CCTV Cameras throughtout the nursery and grounds.
  • Graduate and EYP Led.
  • Highly committed Staff Team.
  • Open 51 weeks of the year.



Mary Kelly's Rascals nursery opened in 1989. The nursery operates from six rooms on two levels in an extended dwelling in the Radcliffe area of Bury and also has two secure areas for outdoor play. The nursery is registered for a maximum of 80 children.


The nursery is open each weekday from 7:30 am to 6pm with the exception of bank holidays. Children are able to attend a variety of sessions. The nursery provides free funded early education for two, three and four year olds.


We carefully select and set out the continuous provision in each room to promote and support the learning outcomes for that age group.

When children play it gives them many different ways and times to learn.


The children have lots of opportunity for unstructured play, (free play) and structured play. Unstructured play is unplanned play that just happens depending on the childrens interests at the time. Structured play is organised and is often intentionally designed by a practitioner and is based on a curriculum learning intention and covers the child's interest.


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Mary Kelly's Rascals Day Nursery
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