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Here you can find out about how we run things at Mary Kelly's Rascals Day Nursery. We need your help to keep this organisation running as smoothly as possible!


If you would like a place for your child at our nursery, please make an appointment and we'll gladly take the time to explain everything you need to know. You can make an appointment by phone or by using our contact form. We look forward to meeting you!



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What happens if my child is ill?

It's unavoidable that small children catch all kinds of minor infections. For a speedy recovery and to prevent the other children from falling ill, the nursery recommends that children who are unwell stay at home. If children fall ill whilst attending nursery we will inform parents immediadtely. The nursery can administrate medicine such as antibiotics (prior written consent is essential).  If the disease is infectious, then children must not attend  (the HPU guidelines offers advise to prevent the spread of infections).

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